Terror in Paris: 8 attackers dead, 7 of them in suicide bombings

11:48 AM (IST)

Turkey says Paris attacks are crime against humanity, stands in full cooperation with France and allies in fight agains terrorism

11:39 AM (IST)

Watch: Moments after shootout in Paris restaurant

11:38 AM (IST)

Paris in mourning again and death toll is very high: Mayor

11:37 AM (IST)

Terror in Paris: All 8 attackers dead, ISIS ‘claims responsibility’

11:35 AM (IST)

Watch: Moments after terror attack at football stadium

11:10 AM (IST)

Borders of the country will be closed to prevent the attackers from fleeing

11:09 AM (IST)

11:03 AM (IST)

No Indian casualties reported so far, says Manish Prabhat, deputy chief of mission in France

10:57 AM (IST)

President Francois Hollande cancels his attendance at G20 Summit

10:53 AM (IST)

WATCH: World leaders condemn Paris attacks

10:53 AM (IST)

Paris attacks: Witnesses recount horror

10:32 AM (IST)

Security beefed up at the French embassy in Delhi

10:24 AM (IST)

President Barack Obama has spoken by phone to French President Francois Hollande to offer the condolences of the American people for the attacks in Paris. The White House says in a statement that Obama has reiterated the United States’ steadfast, unwavering support for the people of France, calling the nation America’s oldest ally and friend.

10:22 AM (IST)

France has deployed an additional 1,500 soldiers to Paris in the wake of attacks that left at least 120 dead on Friday, the presidency said.

10:13 AM (IST)

8 attackers are dead, 7 of them in suicide bombings: Paris prosecutor’s office

10:13 AM (IST)

A US official briefed by the justice department says intelligence officials were not aware of any threats before a series of attacks in Paris. The official says 70 US citizens currently known to be in France have not yet been accounted for, although no Americans have been reported killed in Friday’s attacks.

10:12 AM (IST)

Those who survived an attack on a Paris concert venue physically unscathed have been bused to a special crisis center for psychological support. Some walked in dazed, their shoulders draped with emergency blankets. Dozens of emergency workers and Red Cross workers in orange vests gathered in front of the building, the headquarters of Paris’ 11th arrondissement, or district. A few police officers in bullet-proof vests stood nearby. After meeting with counselors, some survivors were put in taxis to head home. They had been at the Bataclan concert hall for a show of American band Eagles of Death Metal.

10:05 AM (IST)

American Airlines delays Paris flights; United operates as planned: Reuters

10:01 AM (IST)

President Hollande declares emergency in France

10:00 AM (IST)

All attack suspects killed: French police

09:59 AM (IST)

Obama condemns ‘outrageous’ Paris attacks

09:59 AM (IST)

Multiple attacks in Paris, over 150 killed

09:55 AM (IST)

Curfew imposed in Paris following attacks

09:42 AM (IST)

Around 100 people were killed in an attack on the Bataclan concert venue in Paris on Friday night, police sources said. Three suspected jihadists were killed when police stormed the venue, the sources said.

09:38 AM (IST)

US defense secretary Ash Carter is calling the attacks in Paris “an assault on our common human dignity.” The Pentagon chief says “the United States stands with the people of France and its vibrant, multicultural democracy.”

09:36 AM (IST)

Paris mayor asks residents to stay indoors

09:24 AM (IST)

Indian embassy helpline in Paris

09:24 AM (IST)

Belgium imposes new checks on French frontier, rail and air arrivals after Paris attacks

09:16 AM (IST)

New York, other US cities beef up security after Paris attacks: Reuters

09:09 AM (IST)

Medics evacuate injured from Bataclan concert venue in Paris: AFP

09:04 AM (IST)

Paris prosecutors said their investigation would allow them to see if any “accomplices or co-authors are on the loose” after Friday’s attacks. An initial investigation has been opened for “killings in relation to a terrorist enterprise”, said chief prosecutor Francois Molins, adding there were at least seven attackers in total.

08:59 AM (IST)

Eight militants killed in Paris attacks: AFP

08:55 AM (IST)

08:55 AM (IST)

Delhi, Mumbai put on high alert. Intel agency asks police agencies to beef up security, secure borders.

08:51 AM (IST)

Over 200 injured in Paris attacks, 80 seriously: AFP

08:41 AM (IST)

Police in the US capital have sent extra officers to the French embassy and other France-related sites and high-profile locations after the attacks in Paris.

08:32 AM (IST)

The rock band U2 has postponed its Saturday night concert in Paris in the light of the deadly attacks across the city on Friday night. HBO had planned to televise the band’s performance. Instead, U2 says in a statement that it is resolved to go ahead with the concert “at an appropriate time.”

08:29 AM (IST)

At least 120 dead in Paris attacks, President Hollande declares emergency: Reuters

08:27 AM (IST)

Facebook sets up safety check for Paris friends and relatives

08:27 AM (IST)

US President Obama says too early to know who was behind Paris attacks

08:26 AM (IST)

French police say they believe all of the attackers involved shootings and bombings in Paris are dead. Micheal Cadot, the head of Paris police said that while all of the attackers are believed to have died, authorities are searching for possible accomplices in the attacks that left over 150 people dead.

08:26 AM (IST)

Head of Paris Police says all attackers are believed to be dead: AP

08:25 AM (IST)

President Pranab Mukherjee strongly condemns terrorist attacks in Paris, says India stands firmly by France

08:24 AM (IST)

Scene at a street in Paris after the terror attacks

(Photo: AFP)08:24 AM (IST)

‘Terrorists’ who held hostages at Bataclan concert hall were killed: Hollande

08:24 AM (IST)

Mapping the terror attacks

(Graphic: Reuters)08:23 AM (IST)

Accomplices of Paris attackers may still be on the loose: AFP

07:45 AM (IST)

Amid chaos of Paris attacks, people offer refuge to strangers.

07:41 AM (IST)

US State department hotline number: 1 888 407 4747

07:39 AM (IST)

Indian Embassy telephone 0140507070 open, we hope all Indians are safe. Our prayers with families affected, solidarity with France: Govt

07:36 AM (IST)

Accomplices of Paris attackers may still be on the loose: Prosecutor

07:22 AM (IST)

Five Paris attackers ‘neutralised’: Prosecutor’s office

07:15 AM (IST)

Over 150 people reported dead so far. It resembles the co-ordinated 2008 Mumbai attacks.

07:06 AM (IST)

‘Terrorists’ who held hostages at Bataclan concert hall killed: Hollande

07:04 AM (IST)

American Airlines delays Paris flights

07:03 AM (IST)

One of Paris attackers mentioned French military action in Syria: Witness

06:23 AM (IST)

About 100 people killed in Bataclan concert venue, 40 dead in other locations around Paris: City official

06:17 AM (IST)

1,500 extra soldiers deployed to Paris after attacks: Presidency

05:59 AM (IST)

Three suspected attackers killed in police raid on Paris concert hall: Police

05:55 AM (IST)

French fire brigade members aid an injured individual near the Bataclan concert hall.

(Reuters photo)05:50 AM (IST)

Hollande on his way to attacked concert venue: French presidency

05:44 AM (IST)

Around 100 dead in attack on Paris concert venue: Police

05:43 AM (IST)

Israel stands ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with France in anti-terror fight: PM Benjamin Netanyahu

05:37 AM (IST)

Nato says it stands with France against terrorism

Nato secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg said the Atlantic defence alliance would stand with France “strong and united” against terrorism, following the killing of dozens of people in Paris on Friday night.05:33 AM (IST)

President Hollande cancels trip to Turkey for G20 after Paris attacks: Presidency

05:32 AM (IST)

UN chief condemns ‘despicable attacks’ in Paris, demands release of hostages

05:27 AM (IST)

Police operation at Bataclan concert venue over, two attackers killed: BFM TV

05:21 AM (IST)

05:20 AM (IST)

05:17 AM (IST)

A man comforts a friend after the explosions

(AP photo)05:14 AM (IST)

Automatic gunfire heard from outside Paris concert hall where attackers are holding hostages

05:13 AM (IST)

Attacker in Paris concert hall shouted ‘Allahu akbar’, fired into crowd, witness says

05:13 AM (IST)

Attacks in Paris took place at seven locations: Security source

05:03 AM (IST)

President Barack Obama pledged his government’s support to France on Friday after a series of attacks in Paris, but said he did not yet know the details of what had happened and that the situation was still unfolding.05:02 AM (IST)

US security officials believe the series of attacks that shook Paris on Friday night were likely coordinated based on initial reports, a person familiar with developing intelligence assessments said.05:01 AM (IST)

France was rocked by multiple attacks on entertainment sites around Paris on early Saturday morning.

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