Therapeutical Centre

It is a therapeutical centre situated in Forest-Adverse in a leased property along with 10 massage beds in an open space. The building comprises a kitchen, a reception area along with the waiting room and a toilet. It is a mechanical massage and it helps cure backpain in the blood spine. It rejuvenate the blood cells, elimante toxins, improve the immune system,add ions in the body, pretty good for sciatic pain, backpain and stress. Each therapy lasts for 40 minutes and along with 10 beds, the centre can generate an income of Rs.18,000 rupees on a daily basis along with a cost of Rs. 200 per session.

It is a pretty flourishing business yet unfortunately I am always away for business and cannot handle the business. Email or call my contact number is 57666946 or my UK number is 0044 7554424546. The cost price is Rs 750,000 and can be negotiated.

It contains 10 therapeutical beds, a Blood Stress Monitor, an InBody Check, 1 reception desk, I office desk, 5 chairs, 2 sofa of 3 seats each and 7 Adverse beds along with 3 shelves. The expenditure of the centre is the lease Rs20,000, the utilities Telecom rs.3,000 CEB Rs.2,500 and CWA Rs. 401. For the staff, one employee is enough if the owner remains in loco (Thing which I advise). The portfolio of the business is approximately 350 clients.

The income that can be generated is – example of a therapy is Rs. 200 for each session.The session lasts 40 minutes and a daily basis, there can be 90 sessions of Rs 200 each. Basically an income of Rs 18,000 daily along with a monthly of Rs. 468,000. I am in Mauritius as from 20th February to 3rd of March 2015. Anyone interested can contact me during my visit in Mauriitus. Arrangement can be made to meet the accountant for further information before purchase. The lease can be shifted to the brand-new owner or the business can easily relocated.

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