Ultramodern Fitness Salon

If you are looking to own a successful weight loss health and wellness fitness spa, this is the most effective around! This salon is established and situated in a fast growing suburb of Indianapolis and it has actually a strong, repeat client base. This ultramodern weight loss and fitness salon being offered for sale has actually a unique niche proprietary product and service lines that differentiate it from other spas. It is the perfect spa destination for clients looking to optimize their health, appearance and overall well being.

The salon utilizes the essential elements of wellness, natural and scientific therapies and the latest in technology and protocols to give non-invasive body contouring, torcing and anti-aging treatments. This is not your standard medspa for sale! The salon offers lots of services to their clients including microdermabrasion, facials and non-invasive chemical peels, anti-aging treatments and products, image skincare, two infrared saunas for detoxification, plus much more.

Their proprietary inch-loss program is rather successful. After one session the client repeat rate is 80%! All technology and devices are FDA approved, so clients know that they are getting safe, effective treatments.

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