Weight Loss & Body Relaxation Business

Located at a prime location taking up 1,750 SF (Fort Worth), 1,900 SF (Arlington), and 3,600 SF (Dallas at Office Plaza) at a Retail Strip Center in Tarrant and Denton County, this Relaxation Facility Package Deal is now available for acquisition. Established in 2007 (Fort Worth), 2010 (Dallas), and Oct 2014 (Arlington) all 3 locations have actually been steadily growing in sales. Especially, looking at the current sales of the brand-new location in Arlington, the sales is rapidly growing and considering the rate of current growth is expected to exceed the sales of the other 2 locations. Estimated annual sales are $550k and can easily be increased through more proactive marketing, web optimizations, and Good Morning Star newspaper. Customer base at the 3 location mainly consists of Caucasian Women ages ranging from 27-45 (90%-95% total) that are regular members along with low rate of delinquency. Also, all 3 locations are located next to very busy intersections and the residential area of local customers increasing sales for all locations. Providing products/services such as nutritional supplements, tanning, post-care products, and bundle services. Top-of-the-line equipment and post-care products is in excellent condition to care for each individual’s care in this facility. Given natural facial rejuvenation, natural waist-inch loss, and body buffing along with no artificial chemicals are provided at this location. This is an opportune moment to grab a hold of a great package deal wellness club along with fast growing sales and next to a busy residential area along with several regular customers.
For more info, please call Moon Kim at 1-866-519-2421.

Asking: $329,000
Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment: $95,000 (Included in listed price)
Inventory: Not Disclosed
Financing: 100% cash at closing or SBA financing available up to 50% of purchase price.
Facilities: Located at a prime location along with high visibility taking up 1750 SF (Fort Worth), 1900 SF (Arlington), and 3600 SF (Dallas at Office Plaza) ~

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