Wholesale Medical Supply Distributorships 

Medical Supply Line complements healthcare markets in their pursuit for financial reforms and lower patient costs. Over the past 15 years, Medical Supply Line has actually conducted various private and public supply chain studies; and consulted along with a wide variety of internationally recognized health system believed leaders; in addition to providing public testimony to the Senate Judiciary Subcommittees on Antitrust, Competition Policy and Consumer Rights in Healthcare Markets.

As a recognized market leader, Medical Supply Line continues to develop and update its products and services, delivering the results required to assist healthcare markets and they’re trading partners reduce patient costs. In its pursuit for supply chain independence, Medical Supply Line has actually developed specific programs for distributors, market partners and private investors.

Medical Supply Line provides certified distributors along with a finish turn-key business solution for selling healthcare and medical related supplies. Our distributors serve customers from all market segments, which include consumers, baby boomers, caregivers, retailers, medical professionals, health care providers, health provider networks, pension plans, institutions, dealers, distributors and wholesalers.

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