Yoga Studio For Sale

Interested in buying an established studio along with a great local yoga community?

This studio in the heart of Oregon City offers daily classes, retreats, wellness, workshops and more. Sale includes all studio assets including mats, blocks, blankets, bolsters, straps, sandbags, candles, iPad, racks and shelving, sound system, retail merchandise, MindBody account and merchant services and professional website domain. This studio/s has actually a loyal following and holds even greater potential along with a 600+ student database and brand-new clientele every day. Business priced $ to sell by the end of summer! Owners are transitioning to spend more time along with their families.

Studio Mission: To provide a serene, dedicated space for the practice of yoga and meditation. Our intention is to nourish passion for life and to encourage the development of potential in all peoples through the practice and wisdom of yoga.

The Yoga Fitness business is a multi billion dollar industry. Across America, students, stressed-out young professionals, CEOs, retirees and our aging population seeking healing therapy practices are among those who have actually embraced yoga, fueling a $27 billion industry along with more than 20 million practitioners — 83 percent of them women. Yoga has actually become a cash cow. The love of yoga is out there and the time is right for yoga.

Oregon City is an up and coming city. Metro has actually designated Oregon City as a regional center in the 2040 Regional Growth Concept. Regional centers serve a market area population of hundreds of thousands, characterized by compact employment and housing development served by high-quality transit. Urban Renewal investments are ensuring that the city is prepared for this future growth.

Call now to invest in the future of this growing hub by staking a claim to Oregon City’s paramount yoga studio! 503-453-2898

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